November 10, 2pm
We are celebrating our one year anniversary by raising funds for Ramat HaNegev's Search and Rescue

Colorado's Rocky Mountains Meet the Israeli Desert

Preserving the environment ​and natural beauty

Accelerating educational and research opportunities

Building community through outdoor recreation

Advancing multiculturalism ​

Exploring commonalities and future exchanges

Our Mission

Encourage educational, scientific, technical, environmental, recreational, and cultural exchanges

Create platforms for mutual understanding and creative problem solving

Build meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships

What is a Sister City ​Partnership?

Long-term partnership between two communities in two countries

Promotes peace through people-to-people relationships

Offers programs ranging from cultural exchanges to share research & development

About Ramat ​​HaNegev

  • Located in the Negev desert in southern Israel
  • Encompasses 22% of Israel's land mass
  • Governed by Ramat HaNegev Regional Council
  • Population less than 10,000
  • Diverse population: Jews from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas; Bedouin tribes
  • Residents live in Kibbutzim, Moshavim and small farming communities

Unique Features

  • Advancement of innovative desert agrotechnology
  • Cutting-edge water management processes
  • Bedouin integration into local community
  • Showcase Ben Gurion's vision for settling in the Negev ​

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